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Puraclenz™ effectively sanitizes surface and airborne pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2, while offering the lowest cost per square foot.
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“Puraclenz’s models not only look chic enough to pass as home decor, but it’s portable, lightweight design makes disinfecting easy wherever I am. Weighing less than 3 pounds, I even packed and brought it with me on a recent road trip—it’s just ‘plug and go’!” Read more…

Welcome to the Future of Clean.

Puraclenz is more than just an air purifier. Puraclenz air purifiers are scientifically proven to be 99% effective at reducing airborne viruses and bacteria and cleaning exposed surfaces. Our patented, revolutionary design provides 24/7, zero-ozone cleaning coverage with very low energy consumption (much lower than HEPA). Puraclenz proactively cleans the air and exposed surfaces in homes, fitness centers, senior residences, hotels, schools, restaurants, churches, and other indoor spaces. All units are compact and lightweight – 11” high, 5.1” deep, and under 3 pounds.

Puraclenz Provides Complete Purification Technology Compared to HEPA Filtration

Tri-Flo has partnered with Puraclenz because their technology works differently by using an evolved form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology originally developed to protect astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Puraclenz produces ions in indoor spaces through a process similar to the one that occurs naturally when UV rays in sunlight react with air molecules in the atmosphere.

Puraclenz vs. HEPA

Puraclenz Provides Complete Purification:

HEPA Provides Incomplete Purification:

  • Puraclenz destroys pathogens in the air before they reach a filter.
  • Ions deactivate contaminants that are too small to be collected by HEPA filters.
  • Purifies exposed surfaces.

HEPA Provides Incomplete Purification:

  • HEPA only traps pathogens that pass through its filter and may not catch pollutants before inhalation.
  • HEPA filters can only trap up to 0.3 micron size pollutants. Some viruses and bacteria are 2-10 times smaller.
  • HEPA doesn’t clean surfaces.

Your Purification Solutions


Extra-large spaces up
to 3,000 sq ft.


Large spaces up
to 1,500 sq ft.


Medium size rooms up
to 750 sq ft.

Is Puraclenz Effective Against The Coronavirus?

Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories have confirmed that Puraclenz’s ozone-free technology is over 99% effective at reducing the MS2 virus in the air. MS2 bacteriophage is an FDA-recognized proxy virus of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The efficacy tests were performed by Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories in Olathe, Kansas, an FDA compliant laboratory. Detailed lab report to be provided upon request.

Need help in choosing the right purifier?

Colorado Tri-Flo Systems pledges to provide customers with the highest quality products available and unmatched support.

Please feel free to call or email Colorado Tri-Flo Systems for a prompt response to all your air purifications questions or concerns. Like our products, we are performance-driven and happy to assist you in your air purification needs.

Customer Testimonials

Healthier Students

Since installing the unit in my home and another unit in my high school theater classroom, my health has improved. My family and I have had fewer illnesses and I have noted healthier students in the classroom.  I am a proponent.

Natalie Fore
Educator, Littleton High School

Breathing Better...

The students and staff have frankly been amazed at the positive results that the team has brought to our beauty college through their technology and product. The facility smells healthy. It is just like being outdoors after a lightning and rain storm has left the environment fresh and clean.

Everyone is healthier and I am confident that the germ count has been substantially reduced too.

What a fantastic difference it has made for all of us

Patricia Westra

Assistant Director, Xenon International Academy