Puraclenz commercial customers include fitness clubs, churches, senior residences, hotels, schools, restaurants, treatment facilities, offices and retail stores.

Puraclenz technology offers a safe, continuous and ozone free solution designed to help purify your space. It does not replace normal cleaning of surfaces but offers the opportunity to use far fewer toxic chemicals. Puraclenz recommends keeping best practices for good sanitization.

Independently-conducted efficacy tests confirm, in typical indoor settings, that a Puraclenz P3000 unit is proven to be over 97% effective in reducing MS2 virus in the air. MS2 is a surrogate virus of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The efficacy tests were performed by Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories in Olathe, Kansas, an FDA compliant laboratory. The detailed lab report can be provided upon request.


Puraclenz uses a proven technology called PCO that has been used and studied for over 40 years by many academic institutions, commercial and government organizations including NASA. The full history of PCO efficacy tests showing deactivation of viruses, bacteria and mold is available upon request. The viruses deactivated in these white papers are surrogates of SARS-CoV-2.

Puraclenz Air Ions are proven to destroy mold spores for many species including Aspergillus, Penicillium, Curvularia, Cladosporium, Epicoccum, Alternaria, and Yeast. Established fungal colonies should still be remediated with surface cleaners as Puraclenz technology is only able to stop mold growth by destroying mold spores.


No, all UVC light stays inside the device and Puraclenz products are certified to pass UL507 safety standards that include a UVC leakage test.

No, Puraclenz does not emit ozone and is certified to pass UL2998 (Underwriters Laboratories Air Cleaner Standard for Zero Ozone Emissions). Puraclenz products use a special shielded UV bulb that does not emit wavelengths below 250nm. Since ozone is created by light at 185nm, Puraclenz products do not emit ozone.

No, the CDC does not approve air cleaners. NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) is the most relevant department of the CDC that relates to Puraclenz. NIOSH conducts research and makes recommendations to prevent illnesses in the workplace such as filtration materials and face masks that are not directly applicable to a product like Puraclenz.

The EPA does not certify, register or provide lists of acceptable air cleaners. Click here for more information. For our product category, the closest items that the EPA regulates are chemicals to clean surfaces. The EPA’s indoor air quality division publishes guidelines for residential portable air cleaners, and they refer regulation of commercial space’s air quality to ASHRAE.

Air cleaners do not require FDA approval, but the FDA will certify medical claims made by air cleaners. Puraclenz plans to apply for 510k approval under FDA Regulatory Class II Device and FRA Product Code that the model P3000 disinfects viruses in the air and on surfaces using results from its ongoing third party laboratory tests. Based on the results of these tests, Puraclenz will begin the application process with the FDA which can take 6-12 months minimum. There may be a short-term opportunity for Puraclenz to file for an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to receive an FDA exemption that our device can be installed into facilities that require FDA approval.

Puraclenz is different than your average ionic purifier. It’s zero ozone certified, and proven by independent tests to not create VOC byproducts and ultrafine particles. That means you can use it safely around people and animals in businesses, homes, schools, nursing centers, and places of worship.
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Installation & Maintenance

The P3000 is powered by a standard USA electrical outlet (120V/60Hz) and only consumes 15W of power. It includes a 6ft long power cord with 3 prong Type B USA plug.

Puraclenz products are easy to install. For ceiling or wall installations, a Mounting Bracket and Screws are included for installation similar to a smoke detector. Only when an existing electrical outlet is not used, a certified electrician can strip the plug off the power cord provided and connect to power lines that are installed in a UL listed or recognized junction box.

The P3000 is small and convenient for commercial spaces by using a versatile, easy to install design for tabletop, wall or ceiling installations. Puraclenz recommends mounting units in the most central area of an indoor space, in areas most often occupied by people.

The Pre-Filter needs to be replaced or cleaned every 6-12 months depending on the air quality of the installation space. The Lamp will run for 2.5 years before it will need to be replaced. These time durations assume 24/7 continuous use. The P3000 includes indicator lights that automatically notify the user when to replace the Lamp or change the Pre-Filter. It is easy to replace the Pre-Filter and Lamp in just a few minutes.


Yes, Puraclenz’s proprietary catalyst design is protected by an issued USA patent (US#10,786,592) and a granted China patent. The same catalyst design has patents pending in Canada, Europe, UAE, India, Japan and South Korea. The patented catalyst design is the cornerstone of Puraclenz’s competitive advantage to generate the largest density of positive and negative ions with zero ozone.

Electrostatic sprayers charge liquids that are sprayed or fogged onto surfaces to disinfect them. ES is a temporary solution that only disinfects surfaces at the time of the treatment. Interiors can be easily re-contaminated immediately afterwards if someone coughs or sneezes in the space. ES is very expensive due to the ongoing labor intensive application process used. It is not safe to stay in the room during an ES treatment without protective equipment because of the chemicals used.


Puraclenz provides 24/7 continuous purification for air and surfaces. Puraclenz products do not require added labor to operate and each unit can provide coverage up to 3,000 square feet. Puraclenz is safe to use around people with no harmful side effects. Also ES’s temporary coverage is 10X more expensive than Puraclenz (monthly cost to lease 6 Puraclenz units for continuous coverage is only $79.99 verses 4 once per week ES treatments that cost $799.99).

UV solutions provide temporary purification only when turned on in the room. UV treatments are line-of-sight and only disinfect where the UV light hits air or surfaces. Exposure to UV is dangerous to humans and all occupants must vacate the room during UV treatments. Each UV system treats very small spaces (up to 250 square feet). Each stationary UV system costs $6,000 and mobile UV systems cost $30,000 and up. Mobile UV systems require expertly trained technicians to move UV systems from room to room with ongoing additional cost.

Puraclenz provides 24/7 continuous purification for all air and exposed surfaces in the room, even “nooks and crannies” where UV is generally ineffective. Puraclenz products do not require added labor to operate and each unit can provide coverage up to 3,000 square feet. Puraclenz is safe to use around people with no harmful side effects. UV’s temporary coverage is 65X more expensive than Puraclenz ($24+ verses $0.35 per square foot).

High doses of vaporized hydrogen peroxide are hazardous to humans and low doses of hydrogen peroxide continue to raise questions of safety. Currently the OSHA safety limit is 1 ppm of exposure. Hydrogen peroxide must either be fogged at elevated levels in an uninhabited space or continually dosed at very low levels for long periods to have any impact on pathogens.


If fogged in an uninhabited space, peroxide is a temporary solution that only disinfects surfaces at the time of the treatment. Interiors can be easily re-contaminated immediately afterwards if someone coughs or sneezes in the space. Peroxide fogging is expensive due to the ongoing labor-intensive application process used. It is not safe to stay in the room during a peroxide treatment without protective equipment because of the chemicals used. If continuous use is desired, human health and safety is a concern for constant, low-level contact to hydrogen peroxide. Also, the viability of inactivating pathogens at low-level exposure is still in question.

Bipolar Ionizers are typically built into expensive air handlers ($6,000-$8,000 including installation) that create ozone due to the Corona Discharge effect they use to create ions. Bipolar Ionizers rely on the central HVAC system to circulate their ions and are not continuous because air flows only when temperature in the room is being regulated. When air flow is off, no ions are created. These large systems need landlord approval because they require modification of the building’s central HVAC system with long and expensive installations.

Puraclenz produces zero ozone, provides 24/7 continuous purification, is easy to install and does not require landlord approval to use. Also Bipolar Ionization systems are 10X more expensive than Puraclenz ($499 verses $6,000+).


The first P3000 units will be delivered to the USA warehouse at the end of May 2021. Monthly shipments of large quantities of P3000 units will continue to be delivered starting again in May through the rest of 2021. Puraclenz has the capability to produce 1,000 pieces per day to support customer demand.

The P3000 is ETL certified only in the USA at this time. Later in 2021 the P3000 will be certified in other countries and sold through our exclusive international master distributors. If you have sales opportunities worldwide, please contact Puraclenz and we can introduce you to one of our master distributor partners.

The Puraclenz purifier is warranted against original defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from date of purchase, when used for normal purposes in accordance with the User Guide. This warranty provides, at no cost to you, all parts necessary to ensure your purifier is in proper operating conduction during the warranty period. This warranty is subject to the Limited 2-Year Parts Warranty Terms and Conditions.

The Lamp and 2 pack Pre-Filter have Manufacturer’s Advertised Prices of $99.99 and $29.99 respectively.

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